Animal Wellness

For pets on our Wellness Plans, we provide several extras including free nail clips and consultation discounts.

Wellness Plans

Windaroo Veterinary Surgery Animal Hospital offers payment plans to cover all the regular preventative treatments your pet needs. We use a company, Knose to assist us with the direct debit payments. Worming, flea and tick medications, heartworm injections for dogs, check ups, vaccinations (and desexing for Pups and Kittens) is included and the costs are spread out over one year. Each year, on the anniversary the program can be reassessed.

For pets on our Wellness Plans, we provide several extras including free nail clips and consultation discounts. 

If you prefer, there is an option to pay your Wellness Plan up front.  Please call Windaroo Animal Hospital directly to give you a price for your pet. 

Pet insurance is a separate contract to assist with costs for emergencies.

Annual Health Check and the WVS 10 points

Our vets recommend an annual check for all pets. Annual vaccination can also be given at the this time. Visiting every 6 months is the recommendation for the Seniors. Our pet’s age more quickly than we do, so it is like visiting your Doctor every 7 years! Detecting problems early can make all the difference in managing them.

At your pet’s Annual Health Check your veterinarian will examine many areas including teeth, ears and skin, temperature check, listen to the heart, as well as discuss any lameness or pain issues that may be of concern. It gives you the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have about your pet’s health. The team at Windaroo Animal Hospital have a 10 point checklist we run through to make sure we have all bases covered. Our Veterinary Nurse team will likely get this started.

Nails & Grooming

Some dogs never require a nail trim and others need it every few weeks. Regular nail trimming from a young age can train your dog to tolerate the procedure without too much fuss. Please ask for help from our team as a bad experience can escalate anxiety. Sometimes sedation is the best option.

Currently we do not have a groomer on site but the Team can give you a few local recommendations. Sometimes we are asked to clip dogs under sedation.

Diet & Nutrition

Just like rearing children, there are many variations on diet recommendations for pets amongst Veterinarians. One of the biggest problems we encounter is overweight pets and this can lead to Diabetes in Cats and lameness issues in dogs. Please don’t be offended if our Vets recommend a little trimming!

A diet needs to meet all the nutritional requirements suitable for the stage of the pet: growing, adult, senior, pregnancy/feeding pups etc. There are also some Veterinary diets from Royal Canin and Hills that are specific for a particular medical condition. Your vet can discuss this in detail with you. One of the most common problems that diet changes can assist with is Urinary Issues in cats.

We also strongly believe the size and shape of the food makes a difference to dental health. Raw meaty bones of the correct size and shape for each individual can make a big difference. There are specific Dental Diets and we have pet tooth brushing equipment available. Please discuss the options at your pet’s next Health Check.

Email us via the contact us page to pre-order your pet food. 

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Health Checks & Vaccinations

Vaccination can protect your pet against serious disease. Annual health checks included.


Dental health is essential for your pet’s wellbeing and general health.  We offer FREE dental checks by appointment.


The hardest thing we ever have to do as pet owners is make the decision for euthanasia. We can help you if this time has come. 


Our vets are passionate about helping animals with skin and ear problems. Making a long term plan for control is the aim. 

Wellness Plans

Worming, flea and tick medications, heartworm injections for dogs, check ups, vaccinations, desexing and much more.

Hospital Care

Our purpose built premises provides comfort for your pet during a Day Surgery or intensive treatment in Hospital. 


We perform an extensive range of soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures such as desexing, wound repair, and more.

Medicine & Diagnostics

Learning history, physical examinations and performing tests to make a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan.

Puppy PreSchool

Our classes are interactive, informative and fun for the whole family. We a have a safe outdoor area for the puppies.

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Covid-19 Update

Windaroo Animal Hospital continues to practice social distancing, keeping you and our Team safe.

You have 3 options: We are now allowing ONE client into the Hospital for consultations. If your dog is vaccinated we can have an outdoor consultation in the garden. We can continue to communicate through the window.

Please call on arrival for your appointment. No-one is waiting inside.

We will continue to bring food and medications out to your car, so please phone ahead for convenience.

Thank you for your support.