Taking shape in Pronto Panel

Progress Update: Fifteen Last Friday we all enjoyed seeing the first exterior Pronto Panel cladding fixed into position which was soon followed this week by the very last fixed to the second floor.

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Progress Update: Fifteen

Last Friday we all enjoyed seeing the first exterior Pronto Panel cladding fixed into position which was soon followed this week by the very last fixed to the second floor. It’s all becoming very exciting now finally seeing the building take its shape and form!

Downstairs the interior and ceiling has also been sheeted in what our labourer Braiden calls itchy insulation, giving you a real sense of the size and space. Upstairs has also seen the walls insulated with plasterers booked to commence onsite today.

The roof is also looking very smart with the new solar hot water system. You’ll also note the pegs in the main image installed today by our friend Brian (of Bennett and Bennett) which marks out the nine bay ashphalt car park equipped with pedestrian walkways, grey wheelstops and a soon-to-be-started mosaic feature of coloured tiles which our very own veterinarian Laura will create.

We’re loving the fact that family, staff and friends have all played such an important part in creating this building we will get to share with you and your pets (soon)!

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Covid-19 Update

Windaroo Animal Hospital continues to practice social distancing, keeping you and our Team safe.

You have 3 options: We are now allowing ONE client into the Hospital for consultations. If your dog is vaccinated we can have an outdoor consultation in the garden. We can continue to communicate through the window.

Please call on arrival for your appointment. No-one is waiting inside.

We will continue to bring food and medications out to your car, so please phone ahead for convenience.

Thank you for your support.