On the home stretch

Progress Update: Twenty Happy Monday! We're now on the home stretch with each and every day seeing remarkable progress in both the upstairs and downstairs buildings.

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Progress Update: Twenty

Happy Monday! We’re now on the home stretch with each and every day seeing remarkable progress in both the upstairs and downstairs buildings. This past week has gone so quickly with the pool fencing installed, more concrete being poured and the internal sheeting being finished off in the hospital.

The property is now also spruiking a new front retaining wall which is soon to house an amazing mosaic artwork crafted by our very own Veternarian Dr Laura (yes, she has many talents). You’ll also note in the pictures below of the asphalt carpark which is underway with linemarking to take place shortly.

A massive thank you to all our trades who are exhausted yet working at full capacity. Builder Luke is estimating another 3-4 weeks until practical completion and the keys are handed over. We’re well on schedule and looking forward to the May open day!

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Get In Touch

Covid-19 Update

Windaroo Animal Hospital continues to practice social distancing, keeping you and our Team safe.

You have 3 options: We are now allowing ONE client into the Hospital for consultations. If your dog is vaccinated we can have an outdoor consultation in the garden. We can continue to communicate through the window.

Please call on arrival for your appointment. No-one is waiting inside.

We will continue to bring food and medications out to your car, so please phone ahead for convenience.

Thank you for your support.