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Video Series

How to effectively brush your dog’s teeth

‘How to’ Video Series
Do you know how to effectively brush your dog’s teeth?
Dr Laura and nurse Danni from Windaroo Veterinary Surgery Animal Hospital show us how easy it can be with the right equipment and an extra set of hands.

Blog Posts

Lumps & Bumps: Best get ’em checked out

Have you noticed any lumps or bumps on your pet? If so, it is always wise to get them checked. Lumps and bumps can arise from many different causes including infections, inflammation or tumours.

Brave Pet of the Month

Cymry manages immune mediated haemolytic anaemia

Cymry is an adorable 10 year old male Corgi, who had previously always been happy and healthy. He came to visist us as he wasn’t his usual self and hadn’t been eating as well as usual. Being a typical Corgi, he usually loves his food!

Brave Pet of the Month

Possum’s near death encounter with an Eastern Brown Snake

Possum is a one year old female Ragdoll who has a permanent, endearing cross eyed look! Her very concerned fur-parents called the Windaroo Veterinary Surgery Animal Hospital to say they were bringing her down, as she had been scratching at her neck, drooling, and was cranky; certainly not her usual self!

Brave Pet of the Month

Loola’s car accident resulting in a tail amputation

Loola is a five and a half year old Border Collie who came to the Windaroo Veterinary Surgery Animal Hospital to see Dr Lisa Roberts, as one afternoon after she had accidently been run over by a four-wheel-drive.

New Build

Check out our new premises and state-of-the-art equipment

Happy New Year! If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to view our brand new Animal Hospital, we wanted to share our latest interior and exterior pictures. The landscaping has made an impact to the exterior appearance, while the handmade cabinetry and custom equipment looks right at home. Thank you to all our valued and new clients for making us feel right at home here in Bahrs Scrub.

Brave Pet of the Month

Molly’s bladder stone recovery

Molly is a 9 year old Shih Tzu presented to the WVS Animal Hospital just before Christmas with blood in her urine. Her urine test showed that she had a significant urinary tract infection and Molly was given a two week course of antibiotics.

Weight Loss

Does your pet need a New Years Resolution?

Post Christmas obesity blues
Did your pet over-indulge this festive season and is looking a little rounder around the middle?

Studies have shown that between 33% to 44% of pets are overweight and this scary statistic is continuing to increase!

Blog Posts

Spring allergies in dogs

How to know if your pet is allergic?
One of the most common reasons for a pet to go to a vet is for skin complaints. Spring and Summer are the worst times. Skin problems can be recurring and one of the most frustrating diseases for both owners and their pets!

New Build

The Offical Opening of WVS Animal Hospital

What a great day we had!
The official opening of WVS Animal Hospital with Mayor Luke Smith and Councilor Laurie Koranski was a success. We had an excellent turn out of 150 people from the local community, despite the rain.

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You have 3 options: We are now allowing ONE client into the Hospital for consultations. If your dog is vaccinated we can have an outdoor consultation in the garden. We can continue to communicate through the window.

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