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Flea’s- the tip of the iceberg!

Most pet owners know that fleas can irritate their pets skin, causing them to scratch, and some pets may even be allergic to flea bites. But do you know the lifecycle of fleas, and how it is important in their control?

Brave Pet of the Month

Tyson learns to walk again

Tyson is a 6 year old Jack Russell cross who came to the Windaroo Veterinary Surgery when his owners found he was unable to use his back legs. When Dr Laura examined Tyson, he was unable to move his hind legs at all and appeared to be completely paralysed in his back end. Dr Laura was suspicious that a cartilage disc may have slipped in his back, causing discomfort and the paralysis. X-rays were taken that showed a very subtle narrowing between two parts of his spine. After his sedation and x-rays he gradually deteriorated, becoming even more painful and uncomfortable.

Brave Pet of the Month

Snowie’s return to health

Snowie is a nearly 20 year old female domestic shorthair cat, who has been a longstanding patient at the Windaroo Veterinary Surgery. Dr Laura first saw Snowie in late 2014 when she had started to urinate in inappropriate places, and her owners also noticed she was drinking more water than normal. Tests were performed on a sample of her urine, and from the results we strongly suspected that Snowie had diabetes. Blood tests confirmed our suspicions, and Snowie was started on a medication which help to control her blood glucose levels.

Brave Pet of the Month

Bracken returns to being a normal puppy again!

Bracken was a 5 month old Irish Wolfhound puppy who came to the Windaroo Veterinary Surgery Animal Hospital because his owner noticed he was limping on one of his back legs. Dr Lisa Roberts examined him and found he had a very sore back left leg, and he had a high temperature. Blood tests were run to check when was going on systemically, and they found that he had a high white blood cell count which suggested there may be an infection somewhere.

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Operation Wanted: The Desexing Upgrade

Don’t delay this Winter 2017
Do you have a cat or dog that is not yet desexed?
Did you know that some pets, especially cats, can reach sexual maturity and reproduce from just 4 to 6 months of age?

Brave Pet of the Month

Dragon’s success surgery

Dragon is a yellow phase five year old female Central Bearded dragon. There are other types of Bearded Dragon, however Central Bearded Dragons generally make better pets as they have personalities better suited to captivity, and they are also available in different colour forms.

Weight Loss

Mia’s weight loss challenge

Mia is a two year old domestic short hair cat that has always struggled with her body image. Shortly after her sister was introduced into the family, Mia started stealing her food, as well as eating her own.

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Blood testing and why it is essential for your pet’s health

Written by Dr Jesse S-Wardle (BVSc (Hons))
At Windaroo Animal Hospital, our patient’s health and well-being is of paramount importance. Our patients are unable to tell us if they are unwell, and illness can be masked even if they appear happy and healthy.

Weight Loss

Keeping your pets fit and active with dog sports!

Did you know there are a variety of dog sports that you and your canine companion can participate in? Different breeds may excel at different sports, but there is virtually a dog sport suitable for every breed out there! These include agility, flyball racing, disc dogs, dock jumping, lure coursing, heelwork to music, rally obedience, protection sports and herding.

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