Dental health is essential for your pet’s wellbeing and general health.  We offer FREE dental checks by appointment.

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Dental Care

Captain Jack Flash and the Team at WVS are passionate about helping owners to maintain healthy mouths for our patients.

80% of dogs and cats experience dental disease from the age of 3 years.

Dental disease begins when bacteria in the mouth stick to the tooth surface and forms plaque. The plaque then mineralises into tartar (calculus). Over time, as the tartar builds up the bacteria can infect the gums (gingivitis) and the roots of the teeth, causing decay. The bacteria can also then spread through the bloodstream to vital organs such as the lungs, heart, kidneys, liver and brain. Consequently, damage to these organs can shorten the lifespan of our pets and cause irreversible disease.

It is important to note that most pet’s will not show you that their teeth are causing them pain. The first signs of dental disease include halitosis (bad breath), red and inflamed gums that may bleed and discolouration of the teeth. By the time your pet is not eating, pawing at his mouth or there is swelling of the face the disease will be very advanced and painful.

Free Dental Checks

We are often asked to provide cost estimations for dental procedures. This is not possible without an examination and may not be complete until your pet is under anaesthesia. To encourage dental health, we offer FREE dental checks by appointment. If your pet needs a dental procedure, this can be booked in. Dental care techniques can be discussed.

What Is Included In Your Pet's Dental Procedure

  • Physical examination before the procedure
  • Pre-anaesthetic blood testing
  • Tailored premedication
  • Intravenous fluids to support blood pressure and allow a smooth recovery
  • Hospitalisation – with heated cages for recovery
  • Continuous general anaesthesia and recovery monitored by our vet nurses
  • Full mouth assessment including dental probing
  • Before and after photographs
  • Dental x-rays
  • Professional dental clean by a qualified vet with an iM3 ultrasonic scaling and prophy machine
  • Dental extractions performed as necessary
  • Pain management
  • Dental charting stored on file
  • 7 day post op check 
  • 6 month follow up check
  • Complimentary nail trim

Why Is Anaesthesia  Essential For Pet Dentistry?

We’d love to be able to say “arghhh” and have your pet open their mouth for their dental clean, but this unfortunately isn’t possible. Anaesthesia is essential to identify and treat dental disease in your pet. It allows a thorough examination of your pet’s mouth, including probing and dental xrays (remember, 60% of the tooth is under the gum, and no one can see what is happening here!).

The reasons we don’t believe in anaesthesia-free dentistry include:

Why do we perform dental xrays?

About 30% of “normal” teeth have some pathology below the gum line that we can’t see. Dental xrays allow us to assess all of the tooth, right down to the root. Windaroo Animal Hospital believes that dental xrays should be a standard part of our dental care program, as it is with people.

What is Dental Grading?

Take pride in your pet’s dental hygeine with regular annual check-ups and cleaning procedures. It’s crucial to conduct early treatment to avoid progression through the various dental grade stages (identified below). Call or book your pet’s free dental check-up today.

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Health Checks & Vaccinations

Vaccination can protect your pet against serious disease. Annual health checks included.


Dental health is essential for your pet’s wellbeing and general health.  We offer FREE dental checks by appointment.


The hardest thing we ever have to do as pet owners is make the decision for euthanasia. We can help you if this time has come. 


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Wellness Plans

Worming, flea and tick medications, heartworm injections for dogs, check ups, vaccinations, desexing and much more.

Hospital Care

Our purpose built premises provides comfort for your pet during a Day Surgery or intensive treatment in Hospital. 


We perform an extensive range of soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures such as desexing, wound repair, and more.

Medicine & Diagnostics

Learning history, physical examinations and performing tests to make a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan.

Puppy PreSchool

Our classes are interactive, informative and fun for the whole family. We a have a safe outdoor area for the puppies.

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