Bringing it all together one element at a time

Progress Update: Eighteen It's been a hectic week onsite (once again) with some of our trades working 13 hour days, weekend work and battling the heat and rain of the weather.

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Progress Update: Eighteen

It’s been a hectic week onsite (once again) with some of our trades working 13 hour days, weekend work and battling the heat and rain of the weather. However our builder Luke is managing to delicately juggle each piece of the build-puzzle one element at a time, including the important final stages of rough-ins taking place downstairs.

As per our sneak peek on Facebook earlier this week, our upstairs custom kitchen cabinetry and cornice has now been installed, with the final fit-off taking place next week (which includes hanging doors, locks, skirting and architrave).

Excitingly the bold black downstairs exterior glass entry doors have just been set in place giving the building a much needed sense of welcome.

On a side note, Lisa and Dave underwent a septic conversion with the install of the new surgery biocycle and as such their existing patio slab needed to be removed and replced. This has now happened and thankfully all the animals can resume position in the backyard (and not locked inside on the carpet).

We now have the black pool fencing, timber look-a-like floor tiles and LED downlights all on order, and have also started planning the open day with our PR rep Nikki which is scheduled for May 2016 at this stage.

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Covid-19 Update

Our community has done an amazing job so far. The Team at Windaroo Animal Hospital are working hard to continue to maintain social distancing, keeping you and our Team safe. This is a team effort.

Please phone ahead for Food, Product and medications or an appointment for the Vet to see your pet. Phone us when you arrive at the Hospital. We will come to you.

We can communicate with you through our windows or if your dog is vaccinated, you can have an outdoor consultation in our beautiful garden . We can arrange home delivery of preventatives and medications.

Debit and credit cards are preferred.

Thank you for your support.