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Diagnostics: Radiology and Ultrasonography


The Windaroo Veterinary Surgery has the equipment on site to take quality digital x-rays and ultrasound. We also have access to a specialist ultrasonographer that comes to our surgery when required for complex or difficult cases. For both of these procedures we will generally require your pet to be fasted and admitted to hospital in the morning and stay throughout the day.  


Unlike human patients, we can’t ask our patients to sit perfectly still, often in unnatural or uncomfortable positions - our patients don’t remain still long enough in the proper position to take good quality x-rays and ultrasounds. Because of this, most procedures will require sedation or anaesthesia, which minimises the stress and risk to your pet.  

Our veterinarians can discuss the best option for your pet, depending on what we are trying to achieve- for example, if we need to look at bones, x-rays are most appropriate, whereas an ultrasound is the best diagnostic tool to examine soft tissue organs including the bladder, kidneys and liver.  

Please phone 3807 3699 for a consultation with one of our veterinarians